'Project Pitlane': F1 teams come together to produce medical equipment

27-03-2020 17:16
by Editorial Team
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'Project Pitlane': F1 teams come together to produce medical equipment

Seven out of the ten Formula 1 constructors will join forces to produce medical equipment, the British government has made public. The factories will be used to make ventilators and respiratory devices for hospitals, and the engineers will also help to further develop existing medical equipment to help combat the coronavirus outbreak.

'Project Pitlane', as the operation is now called, will involve all teams based in the UK. Mercedes, Red Bull Racing, McLaren, Renault, Racing Point, Haas and Williams will all participate.

Although the United Kingdom is not yet in as bad of a situation like that of Spain or Italy, it is now beginning to worsen now. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has therefore asked Formula 1 teams on British soil to do their bit to combat the coronavirus.

The project concerns three 'workstreams', the Formula 1 announced on its official site. Firstly, ventilators for British hospitals will be produced on a large scale. 

Secondly, engineers will quickly develop new equipment and present a prototype that can be certified and produced. The third 'workstream' concerns the reverse engineering of existing medical equipment to work more effectively in this time of need.

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