Sainz warns Norris: "That's what happened to Verstappen back then"

27-03-2020 11:25 | Updated: 27-03-2020 12:17
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Sainz warns Norris: That's what happened to Verstappen back then

Carlos Sainz stays in quarantine after his return from Australia. The Spaniard is at home with family a lot, but says he misses teammate Lando Norris. However, Sainz warns that the still good friends could soon become very big rivals if McLaren starts to perform better during the races. He makes a comparison with the situation with his old teammate Max Verstappen.

"It wasn't easy for anyone on our team, but I think we did well," Sainz talks to Marca. The McLaren driver said that everyone on the team agreed not to start in the Australian Grand Prix. "After the news that one of our mechanics tested positive, no one doubted what to do. Everyone agreed to withdraw us".

Sainz much present with family

For Sainz it is special that he suddenly has a lot of time for his family. As a Formula 1 driver, that time is normally very sparse. "I try to take advantage of this moment to do those things that I never have time for. I organise my room, collecting the things and shirts that I never use because I want to send them to those who really need them".

"The best thing about this situation, of course, is that my mother can have us all with her. She's not so used to seeing me," says de Madrileen, who has made feeding schedules for himself, but also his mother. "I've become her coach now and she doesn't always like me."

Rivalry Sainz and Norris can become more intense

His relationship Norris is also discussed in the interview. The 25-year old driver is good friends with the young Briton, but when Formula 1 starts up again, they will be the biggest rivals again. "I miss him now, but soon we will be competing hard against each other again. If we have a McLaren who can also compete on the podiums, the rivalry will get worse. But that's always been the case", Sainz also knows. "That also happened with Daniil Kvyat, Nico Hulkenberg and Verstappen. We know that rivalry can grow."

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