Tip for Netflix from Formula 1: "More entertaining content with more cameras"

27-03-2020 07:57
by GPblog.com
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Tip for Netflix from Formula 1: More entertaining content with more cameras

Romain Grosjean is a fan of the Drive to Survive episodes on Netflix. The documentary about the Formula 1 season of 2019 is now behind him, but the one of 2018 hasn't been watched yet. That's not going to happen again, according to Grosjean.

“I finished season two yesterday of Drive to Survive", Grosjean reports in an interview with Kym Illman on YouTube. The Frenchman hasn't seen the first season of the Netflix documentary about the royal class of motorsport yet, but despite Grosjean's enthusiasm for the episodes, he can't be persuaded to watch the first season.

Why not? "I will not watch season one just because 2018 wasn’t a great year for me, I don’t really want to bring back those memories.”, says Grosjean. The 31-year-old driver had an unhappy year two seasons ago with a lot of crashes and failures.

Grosjean has a tip for Netflix

Grosjean calls it 'great' what Netflix does. He even thinks that American streaming service should be more frequent at the Grands Prix and also have more people travelling. "Actually, think they should have more crews coming to the races and more crews through all the teams through different races because obviously you never know what’s going to happen before the weekend", the Haas F1-driver refers to the fact that prior to the year it has already been determined which team Netflix will follow in which F1-weekend.

According to Grosjean that would ensure that the series has even more quality to offer. "If they had three or four cameras then I think they’d have more entertaining content", he concludes.

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