Brundle hates: "Can't witness a fight between Verstappen and Hamilton"

25-03-2020 19:47
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Brundle hates: Can't witness a fight between Verstappen and Hamilton

Martin Brundle thinks Max Verstappen can make things very difficult for Lewis Hamilton in 2020. According to the Formula 1 commentator, the momentum is shifting towards the 22-year-old Red Bull Racing driver.

Brundle is asked the following question on Twitter: 'After all you've seen of those two, in equal cars, who will be at the top of the championship after the season'. The former Formula 1 driver does not know directly answer that question.

Brundle makes no choice

Last year Brundle would have chosen one hundred percent for Hamilton, he says. "Until 2019 I would always have put my money on Hamilton, but I believe the tide is turning and that's why I'm very sad not to witness the fight between Max and Lewis now," says the Brit.

For the time being, the start of the Formula 1 season is scheduled for the weekend of 12 to 14 June in Canada, but it is highly uncertain if this Grand Prix can go ahead because of the coronavirus. Around Easter it will become more clear whether the first race of the year can and may take place in Montreal.

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