Decision on Canadian Grand Prix to be made around Easter

25-03-2020 10:36
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Decision on Canadian Grand Prix to be made around Easter

Last weekend it was announced that the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan will also be postponed. This would make the Canadian Grand Prix on June 14th the first race of the new Formula 1 season. However, there is also a lot of uncertainty about this GP.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada has struck relatively lightly, measures are also being taken that bring the holding of a Grand Prix into uncertainty. If they want the race to continue, they will have to start building the semi-street circuit after the Easter weekend and so promoter Francois Dumontier says to that he wants to finish discussions around Easter.

"We still have two or three weeks before a decision has to be made. Hopefully we can do it on that date and then we will be the first race of the season. But at the same time I'm working on different scenarios for postponing the event. If we have to make a decision about postponing the event I will have that conversation with F1 somewhere around Easter weekend."

No Canadian GP late in the season

If the GP in Montreal is postponed, it will already be the seventh race for which another spot on the calendar will have to be found this season. The space for this is becoming more and more limited. Especially for a race in Canada, where winter weather can strike early in the season. "It is impossible for us to have another race after mid-October," said Dumontier.

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