Season 2021 in Formula 1 will be a copy of 2020: "Chassis will be included"

25-03-2020 18:07
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Season 2021 in Formula 1 will be a copy of 2020: Chassis will be included

Franz Tost tries to look for bright spots now that the whole world and Formula 1 is plagued by the coronavirus. The team boss of AlphaTauri notes that now the budget ceiling remains before 2021 and the new rules have been postponed to 2022, that a more level playing field can be created.

"The positive thing about the situation that has now arisen with the coronavirus is that this year we don't have to develop two cars at the same time," says Tost at The development of the 2022 cars should only be resumed at the beginning of 2021.

Because the cars of the new rules would initially be completely developed in 2020, the top teams would be able to spend as much money on development as they wanted. This would keep their big lead intact. However, this situation no longer exists. "In addition, it means that the development of the new cars will take place within the introduced budget cap," confirms the Austrian. The budget cap will not move along with it.

2021 equal to 2020 in F1

Next season there will be raced under the current regulations and that means we will see almost identical cars. "The chassis will be completely taken to 2021, just like the mechanical parts and the suspension", says the top man. Next season the emphasis will be on aerodynamics. "That's the only thing that can be improved."

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