Helmut Marko thinks 18 races are possible in 2020!

20-03-2020 14:11
F1 News
Helmut Marko thinks 18 races are possible in 2020!

Helmut Marko believes that 18 races are possible in 2020, following the cancellation or postponement of the first seven events. The Dutch and Spanish races were delayed yesterday, with the Monaco Grand Prix cancelled altogether.

But despite the season beginning in June at the earliest, Marko still thinks that 18 events are possible. The original calendar was 22 races long, but after the cancellation of the Australian and Monaco races, that number is down to 20.

The summer break has been moved forwards, allowing space in August for other races, with triple or even quadruple headers possible.

Marko said on ORF radio: "The plan is now that the cancelled races will then be followed up in an intensive program over the summer and into December, so that you will have a racing calendar of around 18 events."

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