Verstappen identifies Monaco 2018 as his worst day in F1

10-03-2020 17:05
by Joseph Tyrrell
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Verstappen identifies Monaco 2018 as his worst day in F1

Max Verstappen has had plenty of highs during his Formula 1 career so far and he's sure to have plenty more in the future. However, as have all the drivers, he's had some down days and Verstappen has identified his worst race.

The Dutchman has picked out the Monaco Grand Prix of 2018 as one of his worst races. Red Bull were expected to take first and second but Verstappen blew his chance in qualifying and Daniel Ricciardo raced away for victory.

"That is not so difficult: Monaco, even several times," Verstappen told the Red Bull website.

"2018 was not so nice because we had to be first and second but I ruined my qualification.

"During the race I was catching up with people so that I got in points but that felt like lost time because catching up is difficult. I ended up ninth but it felt terrible. I couldn't enjoy it because we had a car that made it easy to make it to the podium."

Verstappen also spoke about what races he is looking forward to in 2020, adding: "Austin. That is a great city and a great circuit."

The Dutchman finished third in the US last season and he'll be targeting the top step of the podium in 2020.

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