Abiteboul wants FIA to explain Ferrari settlement

07-03-2020 18:42
by Joseph Tyrrell
Abiteboul wants FIA to explain Ferrari settlement

The FIA's decision to not punish Ferrari and come to a settlement has caused quite the stir amongst the teams which aren't powered by their engines. Despite their frustration and their joint letter in opposition of the ruling, they don't want to take drastic actions just yet and Cyril Abiteboul wants the decision explained.

Earlier this month the FIA announced they had reached a settlement with Ferrari and it has since caused plenty of problems with the majority of the grid frustrated and wanting answers.

Despite Bernie Ecclestone suggesting the teams should sue the FIA, Cyril Abiteboul is calling on the governing body to explain the ruling.

"What we want is for the FIA ​​and F1, to promote the reputation of the championship, to understand that they have to explain this story so that we can leave this case behind us. We want that, but we first need more certainty," Abiteboul told Autocar magazine.

“We have made this joint statement and the FIA ​​has responded. That therefore confirms that their explanation was not clear, otherwise they would not have responded. We haven't had a real answer yet, so we'll be consulting again with the other six teams.

“It is important for us to know what led to this decision. We therefore do not necessarily complain about changing the outcome of their investigation [the settlement behind closed doors], but to understand whether such treatment is also available to others."

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