Sainz: "Tomorrow we will see really fast times"

27-02-2020 17:33
by Matt Gretton
Sainz: Tomorrow we will see really fast times

Carlos Sainz was not driving the McLaren today, but he has made a prediction about the final day of Formula 1 in Barcelona. Sainz looked ahead and says that "really fast times" will be set tomorrow. Lando Norris drove the McLaren car today and recorded the fifth-best time. 

Sainz: "Of course I was not in the car today. I followed the Lando program and looked at what other teams are doing. The car itself is much better. The 'downforce' is much better on the current car than on the car last year during testing. Now we have to wait and see where the other cars are."

Fast times on the last test day

Tomorrow Sainz will be in the car again for the final test day, and he already knows that tomorrow the fast times will come: “Tomorrow we will definitely go for a fast lap. Everyone will see what the car has by the end of the test days," he added. 

“So, in the end, we will see fast times tomorrow, but probably there will still be teams that don't show everything. It is also possible that teams turn down engines. Eventually, all teams will probably ride the C4 or C5 tyre tomorrow, so we will see fast times tomorrow."

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