Robert Kubica "could feel the improvement" throughout testing

27-02-2020 07:17 | Updated: 27-02-2020 07:24
by Louis Shaw
Robert Kubica could feel the improvement throughout testing

Robert Kubica topped the timesheet yesterday for Alfa Romeo and said that he felt an improvement in the car after the made some tweaks. The former Williams racer set a 1:16.942 which wasn't beaten by anyone else. However, he was the only driver to use the soft tyre. 

“It has been positive in the car for me," Kubica said. "Times don’t matter - P1 or P20, what really counts is finishing the day having completed your testing programme, and we did that. The car felt better compared to last week, we already did a few tweaks and I could feel the improvement.

"We have a lot of data to go through to fully understand their effect, and two more days to get an even better level of confidence in the car. We know what we have to do.” 

It was a nice change to see Kubica's name at the top of the timesheet as last year he would usually be found at the bottom! THe pole seems to be enjoying his new role as test and reserve driver for Alfa Romeo. 

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