Norris explains: "You can't really test on the soft tyre"

26-02-2020 09:01
by Matt Gretton
Norris explains: You can't really test on the soft tyre

Lando Norris will be out on track during Wednesday afternoon, but this morning he was out watching his McLaren teammate power in the lap times. Fast times are not expected from the Woking-based team as they are not concerned with that. 

Norris wants to get back in the car

"I'm excited. I feel the little difference on the car from this week to last week and I just want to drive again, rather than stand here and watch everyone else drive around the track," Norris told F1 TV. 

The reporter hopes for fast laps from the Brit, but they will not come. "I don't think we'll do any racing runs. Today we are busy with aeroruns so we won't be doing any pushing runs, maybe we're doing that tomorrow or the day after. We've done a lot of running on the hard tyres so far so it'll be nice to get onto a more gripy tyre."

"I don't know what tyre we have. I'm not that fussed. We're doing our running and know what our balance is like. The C5 tyre always makes the car feel a lot nicer than it is, so we're doing our running on the harder tyre. A better reading on the hard tyre. It'll be nice to have a glory run but it's more important we get through our proper testing." 


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