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Carlos Sainz sees link with Ferrari as a compliment

Carlos Sainz sees link with Ferrari as a "compliment"

25-02-2020 13:00

Carlos Sainz has responded to the rumours which linked him to a Ferrari seat. The current McLaren driver has taken this as a compliment ahead of the 2020 Formula 1 season. 

Sainz stepped onto the podium after chaotic Brazilian Grand Prix last season and became the best of the rest driver in the process. The Spaniard says he's comfortable at his current role as a McLaren driver. 

"At the moment I am logically mainly concerned with McLaren. Everyone knows that I feel at home here and I am talking to them about 2021. Of course, it is nice to hear that people in Italy are talking about a possible transfer from me to Ferrari, I see that as a compliment," Sainz said in a conversation with Sky Sports Italia.  

Rule and regulation overhaul 

In 2021, Formula 1 is set to be completely different. It's hoped that the changes will close gaps between the midfield and the big three teams. Sainz believes it will take more than one season before we see the gap close. 

"When I look at 2021, I think it will be difficult for us to close the gap with the top teams. Due to the drastic changes in rules, we just need more years for that. We hope to close the gap to this year and next year. However, we need to make three top teams smaller. It is clear that we need to improve on every level to get to Mercedes," he added. 

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