Both Red Bull Racing drivers set for stints every day in second test week

24-02-2020 14:31
by Matt Gretton
Both Red Bull Racing drivers set for stints every day in second test week

The second week of testing in Barcelona is on the horizon. The drivers will complete another three days of testing. Aston Martin Red Bull Racing have decided that both Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon will drive every day. 

Verstappen had his first stint on Wednesday last week but immediately realised this was a long day. He did most of the laps of everyone on the first test day and was then rested by Red Bull Racing on Thursday.

Red Bull Racing get creative

As an odd number of days is tested each week under the new regulations, the teams have had to creatively divide their test days among their drivers. Most teams have opted for the same method as Red Bull Racing. Each driver gets a full day each and one day is split.

For this week, Red Bull Racing is taking a different approach. has learned that Verstappen will alternate with Alexander Albon every day. Albon takes care of the morning on Wednesday and Verstappen will do this on Thursday and Friday.

Test schedule Barcelona week 2

Mercedes:           TBC                         TBC                       TBC 

Ferrari:               Vettel/Leclerc           Vettel                     Leclerc

Red Bull Racing:  Albon/Verstappen     Verstappen/Albon    Verstappen/Albon

McLaren:            Sainz/Norris             Norris                     Sainz

Renault:             TBC                         TBC                        TBC

Racing Point:      TBC                         TBC                        TBC

AlphaTauri:         Gasly/Kvyat             Gasly                      Kvyat

Alfa Romeo:        TBC                        TBC                        TBC

Haas:                 Grosjean                 Magnussen              Grosjean/Magnusssen 

Williams:           TBC                         TBC                        TBC

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