Ferrari will use "team orders that benefit the team" in 2020

24-02-2020 08:02 | Updated: 24-02-2020 12:36
by Louis Shaw
Ferrari will use team orders that benefit the team in 2020

Mattia Binotto has not ruled out using team orders again in the 2020 Formula 1 season. Ferrari ordered their two drivers out on track in 2019 but more often than not this caused tension at the team. The Ferrari boss has therefore said that they need to change the way they use team orders. 

"I am not saying they are free to race without team orders," Binotto told reporters present during the first test week in Barcelona including Motorsport-total. "So there may be team orders that benefit the team, but it must be a clear situation.

“I think they now know each other a lot better. I think Charles drove a fantastic season last year and achieved the same beauty as Sebastian. It is therefore correct to have them start 2020 on an equal footing, but they both know that the team has priority and therefore team orders are still possible."

Charles Leclerc dominated Sebastian Vettel last year and will be looking to beat his teammate again this year. Vettel really needs to improve if he is to hold onto his Ferrari seat for next season. 

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