Will Racing Point become 'best of the rest' during 2020 F1 season?

23-02-2020 10:10
by Matt Gretton
Will Racing Point become 'best of the rest' during 2020 F1 season?

Racing Point looked strong during the first week of winter testing. It's always hard to confirm who is on top in Barcelona, but the Pink Panthers were always seen with big smiles and a positive attitude. A buzz which seemed as if they could be hiding some extra pace. But they didn't go without their problems. 

Tom McCullough, Racing Point's technical director confirmed they completed a positive week of testing with both Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll getting a decent amount of time in the car. But they did experience a gearbox issue. 

“We had a positive start to the final day of the first test by completing all of the set-up performance run test items that we had planned. On Lance’s final run in the morning, we encountered a gearbox sensor problem but we fixed this over lunch and got back out in the afternoon, focussing on long-run performance," he said. 

Best of the rest

In 2019, we saw the rise of McLaren. They'll also face competition from Renault again this year, but can Racing Point put their hands up? With the Lawerence Stroll deal now showing fruit, the team have prepared something different this year. With Perez at the wheel, they could be on to something special. The old pink Mercedes. 

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