Mercedes F1 left feeling "disappointed" after electric issue ends day early

20-02-2020 19:42
by Matt Gretton
Mercedes F1 left feeling disappointed after electric issue ends day early

Mercedes got most of the attention during Thursday's F1 testing day because of an innovative steering wheel which moved forwards and backwards. Some of the attention from this was switched to their early finish after Valtteri Bottas experienced electrical issues in the final hour of testing. 

Lewis Hamilton recorded 106 laps during his four-hour stint in the morning session. Bottas took control in the afternoon but had to end his stint at 77 laps. The same number as his car number. Speaking on behalf of Mercedes, James Allison reports that the team are feeling "disappointed" by this. 

"We are all a little disappointed to have taken an early bath today, but we console ourselves with the fact that the problem we encountered will quickly be resolved and we managed a healthy 183 laps before encountering it. That is, after all, why we go testing," Allison said. 

"It's encouraging to see that, for the second day running, the car felt honest, good and reasonably speedy. Lewis' race simulation in the morning was tidy and Valtteri's, until it was interrupted, was on a good trajectory."

The new DAS system

Allison confirms the new DAS system, which changes the angle of the front tyres slightly by pushing and pulling the steering wheel, was tested for the first time today. He suggests that the data and driver feedback will be assessed and analysed in the coming days. 

"We also had an interesting day activating the DAS system for the first time and we are on a voyage of discovery with the drivers to learn about the system and see what it can bring us for the season ahead. We're now looking forward to the final day of the first test tomorrow and continuing to work through the tasks we have to clear before Melbourne," he added. 

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