Marko on Mercedes' steering wheel: "Similar to something that is already banned"

20-02-2020 17:14
by Matt Gretton
Marko on Mercedes' steering wheel: Similar to something that is already banned

On Thursday, during the second test day of the Formula 1 season, Mercedes revealed the DAS system, which stands for 'Dual-Axis Steering'. By pulling on the wheel of the W11, the angle at which the tyre are positioned changes. At Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, however, they expect that the FIA ​​will get to grips with this before the Australian Grand Prix.

"If you actively adjust the 'camber' while driving, the contact surface of the tyres with the asphalt changes," Helmut Marko explains in conversation with Auto Bild. In the German medium, the 76-year-old Austrian from Red Bull indicates that in his eyes the system is clearly illegal.

Similar to active wheel suspension?

The man from Graz continues his story: "The height of the car to the road surface is therefore changed, even if it is only a very small amount. It is forbidden, however, because the concept has similarities with the working method of a forbidden active suspension."

At Mercedes, they believe it is completely legal having spoken to the FIA through the development. 

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