Hamilton claims Mercedes F1 contract talks haven't started yet

20-02-2020 17:05
by Matt Gretton
Hamilton claims Mercedes F1 contract talks haven't started yet

Lewis Hamilton's future in Formula 1 is currently up in the air. His contract runs out at the end of the 2020 Formula 1 season, and what he does beyond December of this year isn't confirmed. Presumably, the 35-year-old is going to sign an extension with Toto Wolff's Mercedes, but talks are yet to start according to the World Champion. 

Focus is elsewhere

"We haven't been together about this yet. I know that Toto wants that, but the focus is now to get fit and prepare myself for the coming season," Hamilton said during his press conference. 

"I think that as a team we are always very clear in our plans, we update each other about what we think, so no one gets crazy ideas or goes to talk elsewhere," with which Hamilton emphasizes that the relationship between him and the team is still excellent.

Small details

It seems as if the contract extension with Mercedes is only a matter of time. Hamilton suggested that it'll be the small details that take the longest. 

Hamilton: "It is usually the small details," with which the driver suggests that the contract is broadly sorted. The details that Hamilton hinted at are also focused on his future after the sport.

"Going into details is what my next five to ten-year plan is and how the decisions that are made now will affect the future. That allows me to set up certain things so that when I stop and put my helmet on, I can do other things. That will be what the small print we will talk about the most."

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