Robert Kubica: "I was in a mobile chicane"

19-02-2020 09:42
by Adam Newton
Robert Kubica: I was in a mobile chicane

Robert Kubica has reflected on his tough year with Williams in F1 last season, explaining how he felt like more of an obstacle on the track rather than a true competitor, qualifying last at most races and rarely challenging anyone other than his teammate Geroge Russell.

Kubica did manage to score the team's only point in the chaotic German Grand Prix that saw seven people retire and huge penalties for both Alfa Romeo drivers.

The Pole is now with Alfa Romeo as reserve driver, and doubts whether he'll ever race in F1 again. He told Przeglad Sportowy: “I feel like I was in a mobile chicane.

“You try to lead the way as efficiently as possible and not waste too much time, but then you understand that if you leave a second or a second and a half, practically nothing changes.

“The same goes for the start: you try to take risks, trying to overtake one or two drivers on the first lap, but then you wonder if it is worth it since they will overtake you again in a few corners.

"Everything is possible, but I am aware that I may not return to the grid in the future."

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