What can we expect from the Red Bull Racing RB16 and Renault RS20 unveiling?

12-02-2020 08:12
by Matt Gretton
What can we expect from the Red Bull Racing RB16 and Renault RS20 unveiling?

Ferrari started the 2020 Formula 1 unveils on Tuesday and now they're coming thick and fast. On Wednesday, two teams will follow: Aston Martin Red Bull Racing and Renault will present their cars today. 

Red Bull Racing will immediately start driving

Their launch will probably be a lot less spectacular than the unveiling of the new Ferrari yesterday. The presentation of the SF1000 was accompanied by a real ballet performance in the classical theatre of Reggio Emilia.

Red Bull Racing simply presents its new car on the internet and later on the Silverstone circuit. So they will first distribute the images of the RB16 on their own media channels and then go on the circuit later today for a shakedown.

It is not yet known what time they will come out with the first images, but it is expected that this will be some time in the afternoon. After all, that was the time when this happened in recent years. We can also count on a special livery, just like in previous years.

The official color scheme that will actually be raced will, as usual, not change much and therefore it was decided in the past to do something crazy for the shakedown. This livery is also intended to disguise the shapes of the new car as much as possible. Because of this, the competition remains a secret to the tests in Barcelona.

Renault in Paris

In addition to the unveiling of the new car for Max Verstappen, the Renault presentation is also on today's schedule. The French manufacturer has chosen a special location to show their new car to the world, even if the car won't actually be there. 

A presentation and press conference are held in the Atelier Renault, the brand's special store on the Champs-Elysées in Paris. Mainly journalists will be present and there is no live stream where you can follow this event. 

However, you don't have to be jealous, because the new car will not see the new car up close either. This will namely only be shown to them with images on a screen. This press conference is scheduled at 1 pm this afternoon.

This article first appeared on GPblog.com/nl - written by Pelle Gerritsen


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