Ricciardo: "It is the driver's job to get the best possible material"

04-02-2020 14:20
by Matt Gretton
Ricciardo: It is the driver's job to get the best possible material

Flashback 12 months and it was all change for Daniel Ricciardo. The Australian moved down the grid, from Aston Martin Red Bull Racing to Renault. A lot changed, including the ability not to fight for podiums and race wins during Grand Prix weekends because of performance of the Renault car in comparison to Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull Racing.

The seven-time Grand Prix winner only got close to being on the podium once last season. Despite not being as successful, Ricciardo reports that he is still doing his dream job. The Renault driver was guest on The Daily Show last night with Trevor Noah to promote the Drive to Survive series to the American public. 

In this interview, he explains to them how Formula 1 is so dependant on the quality of your machinery. 

“That is probably the only thing I don't like about my chosen profession. Unfortunately, it is not like tennis, where you cannot really blame the racket if you go wrong. You are very dependent on the material. It is your job to end up with the best team possible, so you get the best material," Ricciardo said. 

Getting the best seat in Formula 1 is, according to Ricciardo, part of the life of a Formula 1 driver. Reaching Formula 1 is only the first step. “It's a pretty bizarre technological battle between manufacturers. It is already an achievement to be one of the 20 drivers who are allowed to drive in it, but of course, you want to be the best and reach the top."


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