Fernando Alonso opens up about Honda “GP2 engine” radio rant

31-01-2020 19:13
by Bevan Youl
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Fernando Alonso opens up about Honda “GP2 engine” radio rant

Fernando Alonso has said how he regrets his “GP2 engine” outburst during the 2015 Japanese Grand Prix towards Honda whilst driving for McLaren, stating “it was not meant to be public”.

In 2015 Honda returned to Formula 1, partnering up with McLaren but things didn’t go to plan with poor results and engine performance leaving Alonso expressing his frustration during race around Suzuka.
But the Spaniard regrets that it had been broadcast live, realising he should have potentially not said anything at all despite the struggle.
"It came from a place of frustration and maybe I should not say that, but I didn't say it in the TV pen or the press conference," he said to F1 Racing

"I was talking to my engineer in a private conversation [which was broadcast]. It was not meant to be public.

"But the engine was very bad. The first year in Jerez, in four days we did seven laps. 

"Now Honda wins a race and I receive a lot of messages that read: 'GP2 engine wins now, it should be a sad day for you.' 

"I'm very happy, but the engine I had in the car was not the same as the one winning in Brazil."
The two-time F1 World Champion had made the switch from Ferrari in 2014, where he challenged for titles and race wins, to struggle to reach points positions with McLaren from 2015, believing that any top driver would feel the same as he did.
"If a top driver today goes through the performance that I went through, I could not imagine what they would say," he added.

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