Lammers on overtaking chances in Zandvoort: "Five areas, more in the rain"

28-01-2020 13:39
by Matt Gretton
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Lammers on overtaking chances in Zandvoort: Five areas, more in the rain

The Zandvoort circuit has been renovated and must be completed by the end of February. Ahead of May's Dutch Grand Prix, which sees the first edition in 35 years, we asked Jan Lammers exactly where the Formula 1 drivers will be able to overtake at Zandvoort next season.

"Overtaking is possible at the Tarzan curve, that has always been a place where that is possible," Lammers explains in conversation with GPblog. "At the Hugenholtz Bowl you can go through in pairs, I expect. Then you get the situation that the person with the most guts keeps the hole on. That's the one who takes the turn."

Five good catching up opportunities at Zandvoort

According to Lammers, there are more than enough opportunities to make up for places during the race. "There are about five places in total, in the rain maybe even more. You have the Hans Ernst turn and the bends that lie before it, there are possibilities", said the sports director. 

"You don't always do that because if you overtake at one corner, you can overtake again at the next. On balance, then you're slower than the whole starting field because of that fighting. There are places to overtake, but it's not always wise to actually do it," Lammers said.

Zandvoort ideally suited for both 2020 and 2021

The question was asked whether the regulations changes coming in 2021 and thus new cars, were also taken into account when the track was rebuilt. "The way the circuit is laid out now is certainly sufficient for the coming years. Gradually there will still be finishing touches, but in principle, the circuit is ready for longer than 2020," concludes Lammers.

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