Binotto believes the competition in Formula 1 has "never been so strong"

21-01-2020 14:18
by Matt Gretton
Binotto believes the competition in Formula 1 has never been so strong

Mattia Binotto has completed his first Formula 1 season as Ferrari boss. It wasn't the easiest of seasons to get going, but the team pulled through. Eventually, the car showed signs of improvement with Ferrari being dominant on many tracks after the summer break. 

Undoubtedly, one of the best moments for Binotto was Charles Leclerc's win at Monza. The first red victory at home since the 2010 edition. Ferrari added two more wins to their name during the season. A number which won't be pleasing for the big bosses at Scuderia. 

They demand that the world title is won every single season, but according to Binotto that is not a realistic approach. The man who grew from a technician to a team boss knows like no other that every detail in Formula 1 counts.

"Every team boss does, of course, do it in his own way, but from my training as an engineer, I am convinced that the rigorous approach works best. In any case, this helps me to help the organization on a large scale," the Italian says in the official Ferrari Magazine. 

"On the one hand, you know that individual relationships with people are very important and that you really have to take care of that because the human aspect of an organisation is fundamental to your success. On the other hand, Formula 1 is also a complex machine where it's not just about making a 1000hp engine, but also about doing this earlier, faster and better than the competition," Binotto explains.

Strong competition 

Mercedes will be pushing for their seventh world championship double in a row, while Aston Martin Red Bull Racing are expected to continue their gains since starting a partnership with Honda. Binotto believes this is the strongest their field has ever been. 

"In my opinion, the competition has never been as strong as it is today. We have everything we need to perform, but there are no guarantees in this sport. We have to work even harder and use our advantage of the great brand and the fans to our advantage to get the title back in 2020," Binotto concludes.


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