Monza victory made Leclerc "realise what it is like to be a Ferrari F1 driver"

16-01-2020 13:20
by Matt Gretton
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Monza victory made Leclerc realise what it is like to be a Ferrari F1 driver

Charles Leclerc finds it "very difficult" to describe the emotions he felt when he stepped on to the top step of the Italian Grand Prix podium to claim Ferrari's first win at the venue since 2010. Leclerc was greeted by thousands of Ferrari fanatics in what has to be one of the highlights of the Formula 1 season from his own perspective. 

Up until the summer break, Ferrari were having a nightmare year. Car troubles, teammate troubles and strategy troubles all plagued their season, but the light at the end of the tunnel emerged when Leclerc won their home race. 

Back-to-back wins

It was Leclerc's second victory in Formula 1 after winning his first just one week before. The man from Monaco started from pole position but it wasn't the easiest of pole position to chequered flag wins. Half a year on and the 22-year-old attempts to reflect on his feelings. 

"It's very very difficult to find the words to describe what I felt during this race. I and Ferrari had a lot of pressure because obviously it's Italy and everyone wants Ferrari to win. The week started on Monday which is quite different from over Grands Prix because normal we start on Thursday. The pressure was building up but the pole was something special already," Leclerc recalls at the Autosport International event. 

"In the race, I had no space to breathe. A lot of pressure, but to be on the podium and finally win the race and to see the red army, this was extremely special. It gave me chills and it made me realise what it is like to be a Ferrari driver, of course, I knew before but you really release it when you win in Monza and see the passion in the eyes of the people." 

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