Fernando Alonso: "I feel like a Formula 1 driver"

15-01-2020 08:51
by Louis Shaw
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Fernando Alonso: I feel like a Formula 1 driver

Fernando Alonso has dropped yet another hint that he could return to Formula 1 next season. The Spaniard claims that he still "feels like an F1 driver" and is thought to want to make a return for the 2021 season. 

“I have the idea of returning to Formula 1,” Alonso said to El Partidazo de Cope. “I feel like a Formula 1 driver, it’s what I like most and it’s what I know how to do best.

“It is the top category of motor racing, but it also has its disadvantages,” explained Alonso. “Formula 1 requires complete dedication of your life. I already had 18 years of that and now I have to assess whether I want to do two or three more years of that or not.”

Who would he drive for? 

Earlier in the week Alonso stated his intention to drive for Ferrari but would the Italian team actually want him back? Charles Leclerc has committed his future to the team and is looking like a real star and would they really want to bring in Alonso next to him? Alonso would insist on having an equal status to Lecelrc and that is something the team has historically struggled to manage. 

Honda have said that Alonso is not welcome at Red Bull Racing after the comments the Spaniard made after driving at McLaren with a Honda engine and Mercedes won't have him driving alongside Lewis Hamilton. 

None of the top teams would have Alonso and it seems that this Formula 1 legend is starting to damage his legacy by constantly talking about a return. 


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