Jamie Chadwick: "Formula 1 teams must take risks with young drivers"

12-01-2020 09:09 | Updated: 19-01-2020 12:47
by Matt Gretton
Jamie Chadwick: Formula 1 teams must take risks with young drivers

The inaugural W series champion Jamie Chadwick believes Formula 1 teams must start to take more risks with the younger drivers. In October last year, the Brit confirmed she will stay in the series and attempt to defend her title in the 2020 season while also taking a role at Williams F1

Over the past few seasons, a number of young drivers have come through the ranks. That run has since dried up with just one driver coming up from Formula 2 in 2020 while the 2019 champion has already started his career in Formula E. 

From 2021, Formula 1 teams will be forced to use two young drivers with limited Grand Prix experience to run during a Friday practice session across the season. Chadwick suggests the teams need to take more of these risks with these younger drivers to help give them a better shot at reaching their goals without money playing such a strong factor. 

"Oh god, it's hard that anything can change. I think this sport relies on money and financial support from drivers to make progress. It is hardly sustainable without it. But I think the most important teams, the Formula 1 teams, must accept to take risks with young drivers and give us opportunities, as Williams is doing with me. It is the best chance we have to get to the top," Chadwick said in a conversation with Motorbox. 

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