Szafnauer believes 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix was Force India's missed "high point"

06-01-2020 15:20
by Matt Gretton
F1 News
Szafnauer believes 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix was Force India's missed high point

Racing Point CEO Otmar Szafnauer believes the 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix should have been the team's high point but instead will be regarded as a missed opportunity. Under the name Force India, Nico Hulkenberg had been leading the F1 race for 30 laps when the counter said 24 laps remaining. But the lead couldn't be converted to points after a penalty. 

The Force India name was changed to Racing Point after driver Sergio Perez started an administration period in 2018. The name had been on the grid since the 2008 season. Despite finishing higher up the championship than they did in 2012, Szafnauer believes one race would have created a higher point of success if he had concluded differently. 

“If you look at Brazil, the race where Hulkenberg should have won, it would have been our high point. He was, I don’t know, 40 seconds in the lead? I can’t remember who crashed to bring the Safety Car out and then that got everybody behind Hulkenberg again and we still had the fastest car on the track.

"I think trying to overtake Lewis, the track was drying where the line was, he went off-line where it was a little bit more wet, then slid into him. I think we had a real chance of winning that race," Szafnauer said to 

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