Fernando Alonso: "The biggest goal is to reach the finish line"

03-01-2020 12:39
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Fernando Alonso: The biggest goal is to reach the finish line

Fernando Alonso is set to get back behind the steering wheel on January 5 when he will compete in the Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia. The two time Formula 1 world champion has said that his goal is just to reach the finish line. 

“The result (Al Ula-neom Rally) gave me certainty. I'm going to ride the Dakar to see what it's like, but also to finish," Alonso said to Autosport.

“We know that only one in four starting participants actually reach the finish line. That is really little. I am aware that it will be very difficult."

Alonso has proved his ability on the track but will have to use a completely different skillset if he is to succeed out in the desert. 

“I don't think there are two things more different than Formula 1 and Dakar, but it's an interesting challenge. Impossible on paper, but I want to rise to the challenge of learning. 

“I have to deal with it with a certain peace. I don't want to participate in the Dakar and then have to stop three days later because of a stupid mistake."

Many regard Alonso as one of the most talented drivers of this generation. It will be interesting to see 

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