Lewis Hamilton wants F1 to "become more diverse"

21-12-2019 19:32
by Adam Newton
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Lewis Hamilton wants F1 to become more diverse

Lewis Hamilton says he wants to help F1 to become even more diverse and accessible in the future. Hamilton has previously voiced concerns that it is impossible for someone from a less well-off background to make it to F1, like he did with the help of his father giving up almost everything to make it possible.

Ethnic minorities and women are often rare sights in motorsport, especially at the highest level, and the six time world champion wants to help youngsters from more difficult backgrounds climb the ranks.

He said, according to Motorsportweek.com: “I want to help some youngsters. I want to help change this sport somehow to be an even more diverse sport. I want to encourage the teams to be diverse, I want the sport to be more accessible.

“I was at the FIA Gala and I came across an Asian family and I was like, hey, I thought I was going to be the only brown person here, because that’s how it normally is. It’s funny to laugh at that kind of thing, but I’m in a world where that’s been common for my entire life.

“So to see people of colour in the audience, whether it’s black, Asian, whatever it may be, it’s just great to see diversity slowly creeping in because it is a world that’s open to everyone.”

And it's not just ethnic minorities Hamilton wants to help, he also wants to increase the number of female drivers in the sport.

The W Series started in 2019, aimed at giving female racers an opportunity to show their ability. The first season was won by Willaims development driver Jamie Chadwick.

Hamilton added: “I hope at some stage a young, powerful woman comes through and blows the field away. Wouldn’t that be something special?”

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