Ferrari on Max Verstappen: "We are not listening to a 22-year-old"

14-12-2019 09:58
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Ferrari on Max Verstappen: We are not listening to a 22-year-old

Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri has said that his team will not listen to a 22-year-old. It is thought that Camilleri is still bitter about Max Verstappen's comments about Ferrari cheating after the Austrian Grand Prix. Camilleri said that his age does not make the statement about cheating credible.

"Accusations generally don't get you far. Max is 22 years old. Why give him credibility when we're at Ferrari? Sometimes silence is more powerful. That's my point of view," said Ferrari CEO to Gazzetta.

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto also made his view heard. 

"You can walk behind the scenes, but I think it's important to show what we can do and we've just worked well in recent times," Binotto also told Gazzetta.

After a period of Ferrari's success, Verstappen won the Austrian Grand Prix and after the race the Red Bull driver said to Ferrari "that's what you get for cheating." It's clear to see these comments haven't been forgotten and could perhaps hinder any potential move to the team for the Dutch racer. 

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