Ricciardo: "I waited for the team to say 'Stop that nonsense!'"

13-12-2019 11:35
by Matt Gretton
Ricciardo: I waited for the team to say 'Stop that nonsense!'

Daniel Ricciardo had a quiet year at Renault alongside Nico Hulkenberg. This is in contrast to his final year at Aston Martin Red Bull Racing with Max Verstappen. In the Beyond the Grid podcast, he looks back on his time with the Dutchman. During this, he zooms in on the crash between the two teammates at Baku. 

The way in which the team handled this case afterwards eventually made him decide to seek refuge somewhere else, but even before the crash, the team did not act as he had expected.

“Whether he's my teammate or not, we'll just be racing fast and see how it ends. We hit each other's tyres a number of times, but it was Max who hit me every time and not the other way around. I waited for the team to say, "Guys, stop that nonsense!" But that didn't happen."

“I hate hearing other drivers complain about the on-board radio. I don't want to come across as a whiner. Moreover, if I am good enough then I will find a way to get past him, but I expected the team to intervene here."

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