McLaren reveal brand new simulator for the New Year

12-12-2019 11:01
by Louis Shaw
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McLaren reveal brand new simulator for the New Year

McLaren technical chief James Key has revealed that the team have introduced a brand new simulator. The aim is to create a more realistic experience behind the simulator to improve McLarens results on the track. 

"We've got a new driver-in-the-loop simulator," Key said to "It's a massive departure to what we've been using.

"It's a project that McLaren pioneered a long time ago - but it's also been recognized now that that world has moved on too, and that's sort of a big project within the team. [I'm] hoping that will come on by next year."

The simulator is completely new and will be a real state of the art technology. 

"It [the new simulator] is completely new. It's quite a thing actually.

"To sort of pay tribute to that current simulator, which is obviously heavily based on what came out years ago, it's still a very, very useful tool and doing its job, you know? It's been extremely effective for a long time.

"But the technology has moved, I think the understanding of the limitations of the first and maybe even the second generation of [F1] simulators are better understood by most teams now.

"As a result, the third generations are really quite different animals actually, the technology that goes into them is very new and very different. So it's a completely fresh start, this project."

It will be interesting to see the simulator and if it is more realistic than what is currently being used. 

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