Tom Coronel gives Vettel a 3 on final report: "Simple, his career is over"

07-12-2019 10:37
by Matt Gretton
Tom Coronel gives Vettel a 3 on final report: Simple, his career is over

Tom Coronel, a Dutch World Touring Car Championship driver, believes it's time Sebastian Vettel packed his bags and left Ferrari. After F1 2019, Vettel finished behind his younger teammate Charles Leclerc in the world championship. 

“It's simple, his career is over. This is done. You already saw last year that he is in the lead in Hockenheim and made the mistake of being the only one in the rain while he is the man at Ferrari. Then there is a youngster, they finally dare to take the risk at Ferrari, and he is beating him," is the reasoning at Formula 1 Café of Ziggo Sport.

Coronel thinks that Vettel will not return after that blow: “Then you no longer belong there, your career is just over. Ready. Stop it now, before it gets any worse."

Formula 1 analyst Robert Doornbos puts it in perspective: “Leclerc has become the man of the Saturdays with seven poles. At the beginning of the season, it was a big difference (in favour of the Monegasque), but after that Vettel drove some very good races. A dramatic season of course, but in relation to Leclerc ... "

Coronel does not want to know anything about it: "Who has the most points?" He countered. "Leclerc", Doornbos replies. “Well done. He (Leclerc) is a kid. ” Not everyone at the table agrees. “So everyone who scores fewer points than a teammate must be sent home?”, Doornbos finally parries.

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