Pietro Fittipaldi wants to remain working with Haas

06-12-2019 18:43
by Bevan Youl
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Pietro Fittipaldi wants to remain working with Haas

Pietro Fittipaldi has expressed his ambitions to stay working with Haas F1 team having been a test driver for them during the 2019 season with the aim of getting a super licence.

Fittipaldi debuted for Haas at the end of 2018 before taking on the test driver role, participating in Spain, Baharain and Abu Dhabi but has not raced in a single-seat series since IndyCar last year.
“I really want to stay with the team, it’s been really great, really amazing to work with them this year,” said Fittipaldi as quoted by Motorsport Week.
“I’ve really learned a lot in the first year working directly with a Formula 1 team.
“The people here, they’re very good, very open as well, it’s an open environment you know, so if I ask them for feedback, they give it to me straight away with the engineers and stuff.
“For sure next year I’d like to stay with them and then looking at racing opportunities.”
The 23-year old participated in the DTM for 2019 but would prefer a return to single-seater racing, hoping to have more of a role with Haas in  the  future.
“DTM could be a possibility, we’re looking at other options as well, Super Formula is another option as I’d like to go back to single seater racing as my goal still is to make it to Formula 1, you know that’s my goal my dream and I want to give it my all to try and reach it,” he added.
“For sure if I continue with Haas I would like an increased role.
“The Super Licence is something I’m working on, but as soon as I get that I would like to be the reserve driver for the team.
“One step at a time though and I know there’s no in-season testing next year so free practices will be important so for sure I’d like to continue what I’m doing and then do more for next year.
“I’m four points away from getting that Super Licence. We need those four points and as soon as I do, I’ll get the Super Licence.
“If we complete four FP1s next year then we get the points, but then there’s also other ways to race in a championship to get points. It’s important we get it [the licence].”

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