Pirelli “still believe” 2020 tyre is the best solution after Abu Dhabi test

05-12-2019 13:10
by Bevan Youl
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Pirelli “still believe” 2020 tyre is the best solution after Abu Dhabi test

Pirelli head of racing Mario Isola has said that the tyre suppliers “still believe” that their 2020 compound is the best solution for the next Formula 1 season after testing in Abu Dhabi.

The official choice of tyre to be used for 2020 was originally meant to be decided at the beginning of September but was pushed further back for a test in Austin.
That test came with negative feedback from teams and drivers, prompting Pirelli to use the two days of testing after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to determine which to use.
"We completed (the) two days of testing in temperatures that were more typical of the Formula 1 season," said Isola.
"The most important part was giving teams the opportunity to run the 2020 tyres back-to-back with the current 2019 tyres, to see how they compared.
"Although each team's test programme was – as usual – individual, the drivers now have a good subjective impression and the next task is to correlate this with the objective data gathered.
"During the first day, we tended to see shorter runs, with teams concentrating on longer runs during day two.
“We've noted some improvements, especially with the softest C5 tyre, but that's not always been matched by the tyres with compounds in the middle of the range.”
F1 teams may have a chance to vote for which tyre’s they would prefer to use, with seven out of the 10 needing to choose the 2019 tyres over 2020 model.
"To get the complete picture, we'll of course analyse all the data in precise detail over the next days, especially the long run data, which is particularly pertinent,” he added.
"Considering the predicted evolution of the cars for next season, we still believe that the 2020 tyre construction remains the best solution, but we are of course open to continue working with the 2019 tyres if this is what the majority of teams desire."

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