Dutch newspapers after P2 in Abu Dhabi: "Verstappen is the crown prince"

02-12-2019 08:19
by Matt Gretton
Dutch newspapers after P2 in Abu Dhabi: Verstappen is the crown prince

It wasn't the best of races to end what has been a pretty decent Formula 1 season. But Max Verstappen won't be worrying about that after he wrapped up third place in the championship with another podium and trophy. The Dutch press talks about the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing driver in their Monday morning newspapers. This is how they reacted. 

Trouw: Verstappen can hope for more after 'in-between year'

In addition to the second place in Abu Dhabi, Trouw also cites the third place of Verstappen in the championship. According to the newspaper, that result is a sign that more can be hoped for next year.

“Never before has Verstappen finished so high. The figures of Verstappen (22) this year: won three races (Austria, Germany and Brazil), in addition he came six times on the podium. On Sunday he was second, behind Lewis Hamilton and before the Frenchman Charles Leclerc. It offers a glimmer of hope for himself and for his thousands of fans, who would like to see him win in Zandvoort next year."

de Volkskrant: Max Verstappen in five seasons from rough diamonds to shiny jewellery

De Volkskrant, too, is already working on the possibilities that will arise for the next season.

“In the same room where Max Verstappen was number three after the Abu Dhabi GP last year, he moved to the seat for number two on Sunday. It was symbolic of the steady climb from Verstappen (22) to the top of Formula 1."

Although the newspaper describes the third place of Verstappen in the championship as 'historical', it also places this performance in perspective.

"It was not something that Verstappen would think back a lot about in twenty years' time," he said last weekend. He drives in Formula 1 for world titles. He has not been able to compete for one moment."

De Telegraaf: Verstappen one of the most wanted and beloved drivers in the paddock

De Telegraaf and Verstappen look back on the 2019 season, in which the Red Bull driver also reveals what his favourite victory was.

“Austria, that was the best race for me. A great achievement from the entire team. Everything was right then. I think the fans in the Netherlands have opted for Brazil, but I think something else about it. ”

The newspaper concludes with the wish that we will face a season full of high drama next year in which Verstappen has numerous battles with Hamilton and also Charles Leclerc.

Algemeen Dagblad: Verstappen convincingly wins battle with challenger Charles Leclerc

The AD mentions the dullness of the race in Abu Dhabi and states that Verstappen provided the only bright spot.

"The final piece of the Formula 1 season 2019 only had one brief moment of excitement. And that horribly boring race in Abu Dhabi was entirely due to Max Verstappen, who wanted to show who is the crown prince behind Lewis Hamilton."

De Limburger: Max Verstappen still has one year to become the youngest world champion

The regional newspaper is also looking ahead to the next season, but don't forget to praise the current performance: “booked more wins and more points than ever before and finished third in the world championship for the first time. The next step is the world title. If he succeeds next year, he will remain true to his record series of the youngest of all time in the royal class of motorsport."

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