Mattia Binotto emphasises that Vettel and Lecerc's relationship is strong

27-11-2019 15:14
by Louis Shaw
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Mattia Binotto emphasises that Vettel and Lecerc's relationship is strong

Many believe that there is a tension at Ferrari between Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc and that the two drivers don't get on. After their crash at the Brazilian Grand Prix many believed that their relationship would be at a real low point but Mattia Binotto has said that the two are getting on well.  

“We [discussed] it the Sunday after the race but we did it as well in the following days,” Binotto said to RaceFans about the driver's relationship after Brazil. “We discussed all three together, [and] individually, and I think they understand that what happened was not acceptable and we know how to move forward.”

Binotto has said that the Ferrari drivers are very friendly with each other. 

“There are plenty of funny stories, partly because the truth is they have fun together as they enjoy a good and harmonious relationship, which is maybe quite different to what you might read or think. You could think they are in conflict on track but that is not the case.

“For example I remember that after the controversy in Russia, the three of us were together in a restaurant in Japan, having fun, they even grabbed each other’s phones to see what photos they had on them. It’s always fun and it’s nice that they enjoy each other’s company.”

Ferrari fans will hope that the relationship is as strong as Binotto says it is and that they start to work together instead of decrementing the team. 

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