Ferrari’s reliability concerns ”worrying”

14-11-2019 13:39
by Bevan Youl
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Ferrari’s reliability concerns ”worrying”

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto has said that their reliability concerns are becoming “more worrying” due to the issues being a variety of problems rather than just one.

2019 has been a tough year for the Scuderia with engine problems costing them in Bahrain, where Charles Leclerc lost the lead, in Austria, Germany and Russia.
But Leclerc will take a 10-place grid penalty in Brazil after the team had to change his spec 3 engine.
“We had Bahrain with Charles, we had problems in qualy in Austria with Sebastian [Vettel], then qualy both cars in Germany, then we had the problem in Sochi,” Binotto said to

“All of them, each single one, all different. It’s not a single factor or commonality, which is even more worrying.

“Because if you’ve got one single problem you may address it. The fact we’ve got different problems is showing our entire process is not strong enough towards reliability.”

The Italian looks to improve the reliability to ensure that victories aren’t lost in the future as well as to fight for a World Championship again, something Ferrari have not won since their constructors title in 2008 and Kimi Raikkonen’s drivers title in 2007.

“What we need is to improve our reliability. If we would be more reliable, we would have more victories. And I think that is the key point for us,” he added.

“Looking at the future, to become world champion, we must become more reliable than we are at the moment.”

“It’s down to the designers first, it’s down to the way you homologate and the risk assessment you take in terms of development towards the reliability, so it’s an entire philosophy.

“So it will take some time. But since we’ve had the problem already in Bahrain we’ve tried to put effort into improving it.”

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