Honda desperate for "clean and fair" Formula 1 engine battle

13-11-2019 12:27
by Bobby Vincent
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Honda desperate for clean and fair Formula 1 engine battle

With the controversy surrounding Ferrari at the moment, with the legality questions still around their power unit; Honda's F1 technical director Toyoharu Tanabe has had his say on the matter.

Ever since Charles Leclerc's win at the Belgian Grand Prix, Ferrari have been dominant in the second half of the 2019 season and their qualifying pace and race-pace has been quicker than anyone else's.

However, Scuderia have come under serious scrutiny in recent weeks, and there have been allegations made - most noticeably by Max Verstappen - that the Italian manufacturer have found a gap in the rules to improve their power unit.

Red Bull Racing wrote to the FIA during the United States Grand Prix weekend about Ferrari's engine and its legality and the governing body confirmed the energy drink-brand's proposal was illegal, with Scuderia still claiming there is nothing illegal about their engine.

Honda's Tanabe has said all he wants is a "clean and fair" battle between the engine suppliers in F1. When asked by if Honda welcomed the FIA's refusal of Red Bull's approach, he replied: "There are some ways to improve performance of the engine, and the chassis, using grey areas or techniques, fuel, oil burning - something like that.

"We are very keen to have a fair race under the FIA/Formula 1 regulations, respecting the regulations. That's our desire. To have that clean, fair race, we need FIA policing."

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