2021 Rules and regulations “something quite special” - Hakkinen

10-11-2019 15:41
by Bevan Youl
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2021 Rules and regulations “something quite special” - Hakkinen

Mika Hakkinen has said that the new Formula 1 rules a regulations set to be introduced into the sport in 2021 are “something quite special” with the changes in car looks, aerodynamics and introduction of a budget cap.

For the past few years F1 has only had a few teams in contention for race wins in Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull, with the Silvre Arrows dominating the early stages of the hybrid era by a long mile.
But the two-time champion believes the big change in regulations will make for more teams competing for wins.
"It looks like the FIA, Formula 1 and the teams have come up with something quite special," he said in his Unibet column.
"Mercedes’ domination of Formula 1 has made the sport more predictable in recent years, but this season we have seen two other teams win, and plenty of close, interesting racing over the summer.

"I fully expect the larger teams will continue to win the races and world championships," he suggested. "But perhaps we will see three or four teams winning more regularly, which will be a good step forward for the sport."

One of the big reasons for change was to make overtaking easier for driver with the 2021 cars producing less ‘dirty air’.

"The objective of making the cars easier to overtake by making them easier to follow is a good one, and if the figures are accurate then we should see much closer racing,” he added.

"It is sometimes hard for fans to imagine how difficult it is to follow another Formula 1 car due to the turbulence created by its airflow.

"These days the aerodynamics are even more sophisticated and sensitive.

"Running close to the car in front causes a drop in aero performance, which means you also generate more tyre wear.

"At a time when tyre wear can be so critical, this is not a good situation.

"If Formula 1 has solved that problem with its futuristic design, simpler front wing, and body profile designed to enabling much more efficient slipstreaming, we should see much closer racing and more changes of position."

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