Sebastian Vettel disagrees with Brawn’s criticism of 2017 regulation changes

10-11-2019 14:40
by Bevan Youl
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Sebastian Vettel disagrees with Brawn’s criticism of 2017 regulation changes

Sebastian Vettel has disagreed with Formula 1 boss Ross Brawn’s comments about the sport moving to faster, bigger and more aerodynamic cars in 2017 being a bad move, stating that it was good.

Brawn, who was temporarily retired when the 2017 regulations had been agreed, believes it was a good idea at first to increase the downforce on cars but in turn has made it worse for the sport due to racing being harder.
"The huge increase in downforce was 'let's make the cars go faster, let's make F1 better;' But what we have actually done is made it worse because the cars can't race each other," said Brawn (quoted by
"It's an example of an unthought-through programme. So, the cars are very quick now, but they're not raceable."
But Ferrari driver Vettel doesn’t agree, stating that the move to bigger cars has made it more exciting for drivers.
"I think the cars are a lot more spectacular since 2017. Now we know what the cars can do, it was quite slow before that,” Vettel said.
"Obviously we had very little drag, and it was great in a straight line, but that's not the exciting bit for us.
"And it felt a bit slower than some years earlier. So I don't think that was the wrong direction."
The German added that the wrong move in the regulations was increasing the weight of cars.
"The wrong direction from my point of view was that the cars are so heavy, which is obviously related to in a way some of the safety measures, but I think everybody accepts that, and the power unit,” he added.
"I think that really is the biggest difference if you really make a big compare between now and where F1 has been 10 or 20 years ago, or even further."

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