Red Bull Racing expecting most expensive year in Formula 1 in 2020

08-11-2019 09:15
by Bobby Vincent
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Red Bull Racing expecting most expensive year in Formula 1 in 2020

Red Bull Racing team principal Christian Horner is expecting their most expensive year in Formula 1 so far in 2020, with the cost of everything set to go up with the 2021 rule changes on the horizon.

There is set to be a budget-cap being introduced in 2021, in order to try and make the rest of the grid more competitive with the top three teams, but next season, it will be crucial for Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull to invest heavily in order to get a headstart over the rest of the field in 2021.

Horner believes there are still enough areas that are worth investing in, in 2020, to try and gain the vital headstart over their Formula 1 rivals.

"You have an unrestricted and uncontrolled amount of money that you can spend on research and development across other areas," Horner said to Autosport.

"For me, I stand by what I said previously. It would have been better to have introduced the (budget) cap first and then the regulations a year down the line, because then the budget-cap would have constrained the amount of spend. Next year looks to be our most expensive year in F1."

Red Bull already have a team specifically working on the 2021 regulation changes, with heavy importance on trying to find small gains on their rivals by the time the changes come into place.

"Now the 2021 regulations are clear, we have an advanced team starting to investigate those regulations," the Red Bull team principal confirmed. "It makes it an incredibly expensive year because we are developing under two types of regs and before the new financial cap comes in as well."

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