Norris and Sainz within "one-tenth of a second" reveals McLaren team boss Seidl

07-11-2019 09:27
by Matt Gretton
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Norris and Sainz within one-tenth of a second reveals McLaren team boss Seidl

Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris seem to be getting on well together. Looking at their qualifying duel and it's the only teammate battle still undecided going into the final two races of the season. According to team boss Andreas Seidl, the gap between the two is very small. 

Despite this fact, Sainz has scored twice as many points as his rookie British teammate. Norris has had to deal with plenty of bad luck, but he's still scored enough points to find himself in 11th place. 

McLaren can be happy with their improvements across the board in the 2019 F1 season. They've firmly cemented themselves as the best of the rest team and are looking to progress next season. Sainz and Norris have been consistent all season. 

"We have compared both drivers and throughout the season in terms of race space and qualifying, they are within one-tenth of each other," Seidl told the Austin press. "So they do a very good job," he added.

“Lando was also unlucky in many races due to technical problems. Also due to problems, such as in Suzuka, when he was unlucky with the brake shaft that was blocked, he lost a lot of points."

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