Kimi Raikkonen disappointed with Alfa Romeo's performances

05-11-2019 18:02
by Louis Shaw
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Kimi Raikkonen disappointed with Alfa Romeo's performances

Kimi Raikkonen is getting bored of finishing outside of the points. The Finn started the season well with Alfa Romeo but since the summer break, there hasn't been much to cheer about for the 'Iceman.' 

"If you include many earlier races, then I was certainly strong for a longer time, but when you finish 11th you get nothing at all, so you might as well be the last. It makes no difference and therefore it is disappointing," Raikkonen said to

Raikkonen finished the US Grand Prix 11th, outside of the points. 

"I had a good first round, but not the speed to stay in that position. We managed to get past Magnussen, but it feels like we generally miss some speed, so we have to focus more on the tires than others. "

"We drove on different strategies. For my part, it was very difficult on the medium tires and also on the hard tires in the second stint. It was slightly better on soft tires, but we're too slow if I have to be honest. "

"We are having trouble with the race pace. We tried to do something about it, but it was not enough. We will try to do better in Brazil," he said. 

Raikkonen seems disappointed with how things have been and it is easy to see him leaving the sport unless things start to improve soon. 

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