Honda reflect on success but insist "we continue to fight to reach our goal"

05-11-2019 17:41
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Honda reflect on success but insist we continue to fight to reach our goal

Honda have had a really good season with Red Bull Racing in what is their first year working together. The Japanese company are also supplying Toro Rosso with their power unit and they have become a consistent, reliable power source and they will only improve. 

"Especially with Red Bull this year we have had good results," Honda Formula 1 technical director Toyoharu Tanabe said. "We also had a podium with Toro Rosso, which is a very good result and that means that we can be happy for Red Bull and Toro Rosso. It took a long time before we managed to achieve that result."

Honda have performed well but will need to keep improving if they are to match Mercedes and Ferrari next season. 

"We have not yet reached our goal. They are all milestones on the way and winning is a good result. Again, that motivates the development team. It shows our attitude to keep fighting to stay so that we can achieve our goal."

It has been 100 races since Hondas return to Formula 1 but the company isn't focused on the past and are set on their goals for the future. 

"We continue our unremitting efforts to achieve the goal of winning world championships, as we set ourselves for ourselves in 2015. We have won championships in the past and I think we can do it again in the future."

Honda and Red Bull need to be competitive next season if they are to hold onto Max Verstappen and set up their success for future seasons. 

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