Ferrari to assess the damage caused to Charles Leclerc's engine

05-11-2019 15:00
by Bobby Vincent
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Ferrari to assess the damage caused to Charles Leclerc's engine

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto has said the team will conduct a thorough assessment of Charles Leclerc's engine, after it was damaged at the United States Grand Prix over the weekend.

Binotto is unsure at the moment whether they will be able to carry on with Leclerc's power unit after the car suffered an oil leak in his out-lap in Q3 of Saturday's qualifying session in Austin.

Leclerc's car was clearly damaged in some way, as the Monegasque driver, who has been so strong in qualifying and races throughout the second half of the season, could only qualify in P4 and then finish the race in the same position.

"It was not down (on power) bu quite a lot, it was (only) slightly down," Binotto said. "It is what we are expecting between an upgrade of engines, it was power unit two and not the third (spec) we introduced in Monza.

"It (the damaged component) will be shipped back to Maranello, we had an extended oil leakage, not clear where it was coming from. We need to analyse it and understand where it's coming from and eventually decide whether it is still to be used or not."

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