Barcelona boss targeting F1 future

30-10-2019 11:10
by Joseph Tyrrell
Barcelona boss targeting F1 future

After a nervy wait for the Spanish Grand Prix to be confirmed for the 2020 season, the boss of the Circuit de Catalunya has revealed they plan to lay the foundations for discussions at the end of the calendar to ensure the Grand's Prix future.

In its current format, the Spanish Grand Prix has been held at the Circuit de Catalunya since 2007 but as the contract for the race was set to run out there were concerns it would not return in 2020. However, it ended up being the German Grand Prix that missed out with the Spanish race set to be the second in the European leg of the season.

Joan Fontsere wants to start discussions at the end of the season to ensure the track's future on the F1 calendar.

"Obviously, everything that was worked out this year is not thrown away," Fontsere told El Mundo Deportivo newspaper.

"It is the basis for future agreements. Our will is to continue to have the highest quality events, among them Formula 1.

"So when the current F1 calendar ends, we will begin to lay the foundations for future discussions. Those negotiations have not started yet."


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