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Bottas keeps title race alive: I just need to continue

Bottas keeps title race alive: "I just need to continue"

27-10-2019 21:08

Valtteri Bottas has managed to delay Lewis Hamilton's sixth world championship title for at least another week after picking up a podium finish in Mexico. His Mercedes teammate won the race but Bottas did just enough to keep the championship open for the United States Grand Prix. 

The Finnish driver expressed how good the car felt in his post-race interview. Bottas flew into the wall on the last lap of qualifying yesterday meaning he started from 6th. Bottas is pleased to be on the podium to provide the bounce back. 

"I enjoyed it considering yesterday, it's a good result. I don't think we could have done much more today from where I started so, looking at that, it's pretty good," Bottas said. 

"I'm feeling good, definitely a lot better than the same time last year. I have a happy feeling in the car and just need to continue."

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